Writing Seminars & Workshops

Anyone who writes needs a nice place to think. Not only at home at your own desk, but especially when you meet with others to exchange ideas, to learn or experience something together.

Writers like to retire to work on their projects. They also like to discuss their ideas and thoughts with like-minded people in writing seminars, writing workshops or writing retreats. Where could this be nicer and more relaxing than in the orange grove in a dreamy garden near the beach, where writing can be combined with fun and excitement?

Foto: (c) Edit Engelmann, Aigio/Greece

Together with other experts and specialists, I am currently offering the following workshops / seminars / retreats in order to work together in a concentrated manner, to experience writing or to develop ideas together and perhaps find new, future-oriented formats. The respective dates are on this page.

(C) Edit Engelmann

Writing family stories and biographies successfully
Your own family can sometimes be more exciting than a novel. Love stories, comedies and tragedies, even crime novels can happen. Hardly anything is as varied as life. And hardly anything as interesting for the family and future generations as your own story – knowing where you come from and how your ancestors lived. And many would like to leave this information to their descendants, can also imagine writing, but do not know how to turn it into really exciting memoirs, biographies, autobiographies or family novels.

After our writing seminar / retreat you will have the skills to design your (auto) biography or family history as an exciting, eventful and interesting book.

Amazons – “The power of the new femininity”
From equality to feminism, from Amazons to career women, from the Stone Age to the future. What makes us women so special? Where is the power of the feminine and how can it be expressed? Will our image and understanding of roles of today’s modern women persist? Should we women redefine ourselves for the future?

And if so, how … We want to approach this topic in discussions and literarily and therefore meet for a writing, reading and discussion retreat.
Sorry guys, this event is for women only.

Have you always wanted to write a book with a very special protagonist? After our retreat, you will surely have a lot of ideas.

Foto: (c) Ravens Spirit

The art of reading
Reading aloud is not as easy as one would like to believe. On the contrary. There is more to it than a pleasant voice. Confidence to appear in front of a crowd is important.

It helps to have a good basic understanding of acting, good pronunciation, facial expressions, gestures, etc. Ute Christensen, known from film and television, has learned acting, speaking, speaking and reading from the bottom up and is ready to share her knowledge and ability to share.

In this reading and recitation workshop you will learn to get everything you need to captivate your audience in reading your book.

Information on other interesting events, readings and events are on this page.

Questions like writing a synopsis, self-publisher or not, how to look for a publisher, what does a editor do, marketing and branding for my book, etc. are also welcome … There is also a pitch evening to find out where existing ideas and books are Course participants can be tested. The program is currently tailored to the questions and wishes of the participants.

Minimum number of participants: 4-5 each
Maximum number of participants: 10-12 each

Feel free to ask me about individual coaching, writing support or, if necessary, ghostwriting, if you need information or help.