About me

Copy-editing, translations, coaching

It is always difficult to advertise yourself – it has such a touch of selfishness and complacency that nobody likes to admit. Modesty is an adornment … is a German saying.

Let me continue with self-confidence: I can organize and inspire, support and direct, protect and advise. I can play with words and convince people if I am convinced of the subject myself.

For over thirty years I have worked as a manager of global advertising in marketing and communication departments – which makes you become both patient and impatient – and above all flexible, in every situation. This taught me to accept things as they are, to make something positive out of it and to “rock the thing”.

On the other hand, I’ve developed a critical eye. After all, writing texts and, above all, editing and correcting white papers and specialists’ articles was part of my daily work. And it is with this attention to detail that I still edit and comment today. The author remains the main focus: It is always my goal to identify with him / her and to make the best of his / her work. Honest and direct is my motto to achieve this. Perhaps not everyone can deal with it, but there are also writers who like my way of editing and who like to come back.

Every book, every work – regardless of whether I read it, review it, copy-edit it or support its creation – is something new to me that brings new perspectives, new impressions and new thoughts to me. I am always open to it and love it when as much of it as possible finds its way to me.

I also work as a writing and book coach and organize writer retreats and writing / reading events, such as the Greek-German author’s festival since 2013, of which I am also the initiator.

Every now and then I support students in their master’s and doctoral theses with grammar corrections and comments, and from time to time I also make biting and satirical comments in newspapers.

With this in mind, I am pleased to be able to experience and learn new things from you and with you.

Author and editor

I was born in 1957 in North of Hesse, where I grew up, attended school and made my first professional steps. When I was a little over twenty years old, I went out into the world, first to Frankfurt and from there to different places in Europe and abroad. Apart from a demanding and satisfying professional life, I really enjoyed seeing the world, getting to know new cultures, ways of thinking and lifestyles. Traveling, discovering and experiencing are still among my passions today.

At some point, writing advertising copy was no longer enough. There were more words in me, which absolutely wanted to be put on paper. Of course, there have been quite a few attempts that have never been seen by anyone but my family and perhaps very close friends. Fortunately, some of them have encouraged me not to just write for the drawer.

It is thanks to my stay in Hellas and my Greek friends’ enthusiasm for political discussions that my first books “Krisi, Krisi – Schulden am Olymp”, “Zitronen aus Hellas” and the imaginary trial “Scherben vor Gericht” came onto the market. I collected and edited fairy tales, created anthologies, translated books from English and edited them from Dutch – and everything was just a lot of fun. I suddenly felt really at home, which stimulated my own creativity as an author and tickled further publications out of me.

I currently live in Greece and Germany and enjoy this certain “culture shock” several times a year.