In the last few years I have written various books or collected stories as an editor. Here’s a little overview. ALl the books are available for foreign rights. Just drop me a mail and I will forward you to the right person to deal with:

Diplomatic Confusions at Mount Olympus…
It is the year 1911, and the German Edwart Richter wants to be the first to reach the top of Mount Olympus. But instead, immediately after his arrival in Kokkinoplo, he is kidnapped by Klephten, a band of robbers who could safely be called guerrillas. Because in this case, they have probably gone into action on behalf of Greece – or haven’t they?
Together with my co-author, Ambassador ad.h. Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, we unravel the true story of the engineer from Jena on the basis of his own memories and the diplomatic letters going back and forth. Who had kidnapped him: the Greeks or the Turks? And why?
Published: German: August 2022, Verlag der Griechenland Zeitung, Athens
Greek: August 2022, Parisianou Publishing House, Athens

“History rarely becomes boring – and certainly not when it describes the fate of individuals who somehow unwittingly get caught between the fronts and become innocent pawns on the chessboard of politics.” – Alexander

Being yourself behind the mask …
A person’s face is unmistakable and unique. Facial expressions, wrinkles, the twinkle in the eye, the smile of the mouth. By not recognising the face, a person also loses that special, that characeristic thing that makes him or her special. Marie Großholtz learns at an early age how important facial features are, how every single wrinkle, every curve of the nose contributes to bringing a face to life, when Uncle Curtius teaches her the craft of wax-bossing.
As Madame Tusseaud, she reflects on masks and their meaning.
Published: May 2020, Verlag der Neun Reiche, Berlin

“An evocative little booklet that sets the scene for Madame Tusseaud’s happy childhood as well as the horrors she experiences during the French Revolution. Her reflections on masks and what they mean to people are food for thought.” – Leonard

Because love is the best there is …
… I dared to write a romance novel – with a little erotic touch. I chose the Netherlands and Wales as the setting, both places where I lived and which I love.
Who will be the man in Ellinor’s life. It is quite clear in the beginning … the only question is how will he manage to convince her of his love and how exciting it will be.
I had a lot of fun writing this story. Now I am curious if you have the same fun reading the story. I wrote this one under the fake name of “Ivy Darlington”.

“Cute little love story. Characters are right and alive and you feel like you want to help Ellinor finally realise who and what is right.” – Andrea

Vom Licht ins Leben
A reflection on the cycle of life and death – written for beginners and those who would like to live without fear of death. The book illuminates general theses, but also a lot of personal experiences and experiences are told.
Published: Verlag Begegnungen, Schmitten

“I just read through your book in 2 days and was really deeply impressed by the looseness and fluidity of your style and the handling of the transition … It brought me back to my own questions and gave me an important impetus for further development. THANK YOU for that. “- Rudolf

Frieden – Aristophanes reloaded
The good old Greek knew how to write a comedy about how a simple man could create peace on earth with the help of the gods. I “stole” from the master and transferred the story to the present day – with the help of the gods, of course. Excellently illustrated by Olivier Baurain.

“A restaurant owner from Crete drives an old VW Beetle up to Mount Olympus and confronts the computer daddling gods … a delicious reworking of a topic that is as important today as it was back then: creating peace!” – Marion

2084 – Entopischer Dialog
A dystopical future. Ilias and Hector are city planners and sit together in front of a giant screen to plan a new giant city. They talk about the world and what goes on … in the year 2084: elites and utility people, wellness temples and worker nomads, children’s wards and hired women, supporters, followers and resistance members in a world where everything is subordinate to commerce.

“With this novel, Edit Engelmann has succeeded in a socially critical and at the same time philosophical masterpiece. … In conversations that rarely turn into discussions, the reader gets an insight into the social and economic structure of the year 2084, which left an icy shiver down your spine to hunt.” – Lesewurm 26

Korinthen und Musketen
The story accompanies Panagos Chrysanthopoulos from Aigio, a member of the Philiki Etaireia, and his family and friends through the turmoil of the Greek War of Independence. Many original quotes and documents brings the time authentically back to life. I am proud that this book is used as historical information on the web and is also read locally in Greece in schools and museums. The book is of course also available in Greek (Stafida kai kariofilia).

“… This is ‘historical faction at its best’. A successful mixture of actual events combined with probable dialogues brings the story to life. From Turkish abstentions to British spies, the reader can feel the pulse of Greece.” – Dr. William Mallison, Lecturer Ionion University of Corfu

Ella und der Regenbogenstein
Since I was born in Eschwege (North of Hesse), I also had to write something playing in my home town. I did this in the form of a children’s fairy tale book that I wrote for a niece. Perhaps one of you also likes fantasy fairy tales with elves and courageous children and local legendary characters such as Frau Holle, the juniper man, an ice desert, a dragon and a valkyrie, and of course a few dark figures, let us not forget Ella, the rose fairy and a rainbow-stone.

“A fairy tale from the Werra valley, I have to read that. And what can I say, not only the cover picture is really nice, the content is in way better. … The story isn’t too rich, but it has a lot of depth. As an adult, I also enjoyed reading and now I feel like going on a trip to the beautiful Frau Holle Land. “- Bücher Löwe

Scherben vor Gericht – Albtraum eines Premierministers
Every now and then politics can get on your nerves … In such a moment I sat down and came up with a fictitious court hearing in which the heroes of the past questiion today’s politicians. I chose Greece as the location – but it could, of course, also play in any other country.
I am particularly proud that the W.I.R. has revised and performed this novella as a stage play. There is a small teaser as a film here.
Publshed: Größenwahn Verlag, Frankfurt

“This is an interesting combination of ancient thinkers and statesmen holding a court trial to give today’s government representatives a piece of their mind. Lightly and lively written: Politics from the humorous side, but with depth. Compliments!” – Marco

Es war einmal im Ringgau …
Once again something from home: the Werra Valley and the Ringgau. Grandma’s recipes from the 19th century, home-style cooking at its finest and without artificial additives or ready-made ingredients – starting with the question of how to make sourdough to the recipe for chocolate soup. And the whole thing garnished with the legends of the area.’
Published: Größenwahn Verlag, Frankfurt

“I have to say it was an unusual packaging of interesting recipes, spiced with exciting stories and wonderful memories that made me think back to my youth with grandma in Franconia. The author not only wrote with a lot of heart, but also shines through professional research into the historical background . “- Petra

Zitronen aus Hellas
When I came to Greece for the first time to stay there for a while, I was astonished about many things, and also caused many a laugh among my friends. And as is the case with Greek cuisine, where lemons are always on the table, this too took some getting used to. Today I love both: Greece and Greek cuisine.
Published (1-3 editions): Größenwahn Verlag, Frankfurt

“Amusingly written, describes the country and its people authentically, interesting recipes, (already tried and found to be good) the book should be read before going to Greece. “- Renate

Krise, Krise – Schulden am Olymp
My first book: a description of the beginnings of the Greek financial crisis around 2008-2010, including austerity measures. Written from the perspective of a frog who looks at everything from below in amazement. Today I would certainly not wrap it up in such a humorous way …
Published: Größenwahn Verlag, Frankfurt

“Greek crisis, yes, good explanation frog! … I particularly liked the glossary at the end of the book: rating agencies, stability plan, “too big to fail” and in between “Tiropita”! Only someone who has lived in Greece for years can write that. Super funny, super ironic, anyway, a serious topic. Dear frog, I love your language. Croak! Croak! “- Taxi Espresso

Koppoter Pim – Ein Studentenhilfs- und -kochbuch
Finally, a guide for students from the A for tidying up made easy to Z for ingredient list for a good, quick and tasty recipe for students. Actually written once for my son when he was going to university in his first semester. Today it is torn apart on his kitchen shelf. Incidentally, it is lovingly illustrated by Remco Schakelaar, who created his very special “Koppoter Pim” especially for this purpose and lets it depict youthful wisdom.

“Thanks mum! It helps me every day.” – Son

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