Calendar & Events

There are currently no dates for workshops, readings or events planned due to the unpredictable conditions related to the corona pandemic. We will inform you in good time as soon as the situation clears up and we can start making plans again.

For more information on events, programs, dates, and planning please click on the respective link:

Seminars / Workshops

  • There are currently not plans for any workshops or events.

Lyrical Nights with music and poetry

Under this title, Stacy Koulouris and I want to invite you to evenings in which we organize a combination of readings and music, staged readings or even just music together with authors and musicians. So if you would like to be there, as a musician or author, please send me an email. Greece is planned as the primary event location, other event locations are possible.

Greek-German Author’s Festival

This author’s and reading festival exists since 2013 and takes place alternately in Greece and Germany with different events. More information is available on the website. We also plan to hold events in 2021. Dates will be announced as soon as they can be and are fixed. If you want to participate, we are looking forward to receiving your e-mail.

Wellness Festival

A 2-day festival that offers many possibilities for wellness treatments (Reiki, Prana healing, shamanic practices, drumming, meditation, etc.) as well as offers for wellness products, music and practical exercises in yoga, tai chi, tang soo do , aikido and others. For this purpose, Stacy Koulouris and I are still looking for actors and suppliers for products and practices. Contact us to present you and introduce your products. As soon as the situation allows, we will start planning for the 1st Wellness Festival.